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9м Школьный автобус

Дескрипция:L8990 × W2500 × H3150
Сиденья: 24-48
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Golden Dragon Bus Company is one of the first companies to develop the school bus for middle school in China, Golden Dragon school bus was developed in 2007, the length of product range from 6 meters to 10 meters with the seats of 24 to 62. Currently, there are five types of series: XML6603, XML6723, XML6821, XML6901, and XML6971.

For the safety of the students, Golden Dragon made a lot of strict adjustments and measures to guarantee the comfort, and stability. All we know that the safety of the students is the most important concern of the parents, especially after some media reported that dangers are hidden in the most of school buses. Golden Dragon school buses are produced strictly according with the developed country school bus standard, the school buses equipped with auto overturning parking arm,barrier-free safe exit, emergency door and so on. In 2011, Golden Dragon school bus were focused by the CCTV, so far Golden Dragon school buses were exported to the Middle East countries.

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