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Oversea Sales Manager
Job Description
1.Responsible for oversea market business, able to effectively promote company's products and develop distribution channel.
2.Responsible for selecting agents and establishing customer relationship.
3.Follow international trading principle, avoid risks, and maintain company's interests and brand images.
Applicant Requirements
1.Bachelor or above of automobile/mechanical manufacturing major, with CET-6 certificate.
2.Over three years' international trade experience in auto or mechanical industry, favoring the one with oversea working experience.
3.Fluent in English, or master in at least one foreign language.
4.Outgoing character, easy to communicate, good organizational coordination ability and team working spirits.
5.Able to work oversea for a long period of time.

Oversea After-Sales Representatives
Job Description:
Applicants that are specialized in automotive electrical major and automobile major, 3 for each, the ones who are familiar with auto CNG are preferred.
1. Responsible for reporting crucial car malfunction, customers' complaints, and improvement advice.
2. Responsible for handling in-use cars' malfunction, and provide technical support to Customer Service.
3. Make spare parts storage plan in accordance to local market situation.
4. Assist marketing staff with the business.
5. Perform related trainings to sales representatives and customers.
Applicant Requirements:
1. 28-35 year-old, with education background in technical secondary school or above of automobile or other related major.
2. Good master of knowledge about the principle, performance, structure, and electrical of automobile. Over five years' experience in passenger car repairing, technology, or after-sales services.
3. Strong practical ability and onsite problem-solving ability.
4. Good cooperating, communicating, and interpersonal relationship ability, strong responsibility.
5. Able to work oversea for a long period of time.
6.Adequate English ability or oversea experience for vehicle factories is preferred.